Jeremy was a ten-year-old boy with a weak bladder. He

was able to get to bathrooms easily enough during the day,

but at night he had to wear diapers. Every night he would

get several thick layers of cloth tightly pinned around his

body and then wear big, bulky, noisy plastic pants over

them. He wore no pajamas, just the shirt he had been wearing

that day and his diapers. He didn't like having his

thirteen-year-old sister Jody see him every night in

diapers, but he was used to it as was she, especially since

they had to share the same bedroom in their small rental


As their mother often had to work long hours on the

swing shift at the nearby diner, Jody often had to diaper

him up every night. Their father put in long hours at his

job, too and was rarely home to see the kids for more than a

couple hours before they had to go to bed. Most of the time

Jeremy was already in his diapers by the time his father

came home.

Jeremy and Jody were both born and raised in suburban

New York City. Jeremy was in the fourth grade and his sister

was in the seventh grade. When Jeremy got to school he dealt

with many of the same problems the inner city kids faced in

their schools. The bathroom was a dreadful place, for one

thing. Kids would go in there to buy and sell drugs and

cause trouble for the others who just needed to take a leak

or a dump. Jeremy hated walking into the bathrooms, but he

had to either use them or he would pee his pants.

Things changed for the worst for Jeremy one day when he

went into the bathroom, desperately in need of a urinal, and

was confronted by a group of sixth-grade boys. They had

asked him to try taking some drugs, but Jeremy knew better

and refused. When he showed his resistance, the boys

wouldn't let him leave the bathroom. He tried to escape

their blockade, but the boys held him back. When Jeremy

threatened to tattle on the bullies for their drugs and for

harassing him they beat up on him. They punched him in the

face, kicked him while he was lying on the floor, and they

stole his lunch money for that entire week. His jacket and

his shirt were torn. He was given a wedgie so hard that it

ripped the waistband away from the seat of his underpants.

By the time the episode was over his face was swollen and he

had a black eye and a bloody nose. Tears streamed from his

eyes as they diluted the crimson deposits of dried blood

around his mouth.

The worst part of this tormenting was that he ended up

wetting his pants. He had to wear them wet for the entire

day. His classmates caused him unbearable humiliation as the

crotch and legs of his pants were soaked in urine. He went

home from school that day and came into his house crying. He

humbly explained the situation to his sister Jody, who got

home from school just before he did. His pants had dried by

then and he didn't tell her about the wetting.

"Just take a stand against them!" she said to her


"They're sixth graders, and they're big and they carry


"Why don't you tell the principal?"

"That's why they beat me up, I was gonna tell on them!"

"Well, you can't stay away from the bathrooms, not with

your problems," Jody said. "I'd hate to see you wet your

pants in school."

"Well, actually..." Jeremy started to tell her.

"You did, didn't you?"

"Yes!" Jeremy said, burying his crying face into his


"You may have to wear your diapers to school," Jody

replied bluntly.

"No! I won't wear diapers to school!" Jeremy refused.

"What else are you going to do?"

"I dunno," he said as he sat down in the chair and

continued to cry.

"Why don't you go change your pants?" Jody suggested.

"That'll make you feel better."

When Jeremy went into his bedroom he stripped off his

jeans and tried to locate one of the other pairs he had, but

his mom had taken them to the laundromat that day on her

only day off that week. Jeremy was forced to sit around in

his briefs until his mom returned.

Jeremy was too upset to explain what happened to him so

Jody told their mom instead.

"He got beat up in the bathroom at school," Jody

explained. "So he wet his pants because he was afraid to go

in there again."

"Oh gosh!" his mom said.

"I'm sorry, mom!" Jeremy cried some more. "They're

gonna beat me up again! I just know they will! They tried to

make me take drugs, and then I tried to get away from them

and then they beat me up!"

"Can't you go to the bathroom at another time?" his mom


"No! The teacher won't let us leave class!"

"Well, just be careful when you go in. If you see

anybody you don't like, just leave and find another


"Those kids are all over the school, Mom! Everywhere

you go, it's drugs and guns and knives and...sniff...I hate

it here! I wish we could move!"

"Well, we're pretty much stuck here, I'm afraid. I hate

it, too. I wish we never left Boise when your father and I

got married," their mom said. "Here's your pants," she said

as she handed him a dry pair.

Jeremy could never again feel safe when going into a

school bathroom after such a horrifying experience. He

feared that the boys were going to attack him again, and

just when he thought he had overcome his developing fear of

the bathroom and returned, the same boys were in there. When

Jeremy saw them he immediately retreated and fled as the

boys began to chase him down the hall. His fears were

renewed and they intensified to the point that Jeremy

avoided restrooms completely. He was not allowed to go

during class since students abused this time for trading

drugs and engaging in other illicit activities that were all

too common in the school.

Jeremy always needed to be near a bathroom and use it

often during the day, lest he wet his pants. His fears

prevented him from entering the dank, smelly, graffiti-laden

and filthy restrooms. As a result, Jeremy's weak bladder

could not withstand having to hold urine for such a long

time. He found out the hard way what happened when he didn't

get to the bathroom. He tried asking his teacher to make an

exception for him and allow him to use the bathroom when no

other students were present, but since students had used

bathroom breaks during class for illicit activities, this

was strictly forbidden in the school. He asked teachers to

escort him into the bathroom during recess and lunch, but

nobody would accommodate his request. The teachers already

had their hands full maintaining order with the other


It was the third time that Jeremy came home from school

with wet pants, even though precautions were taken by then

to prevent the problem, mainly, limiting his intake of

fluids, which worked to an extent. His Mom had already left

to go to work. The father worked just as long of a shift at

the factory. As usual, only Jody was there to greet Jeremy

and deal with his problem.

"You did it again!" Jody exclaimed as Jeremy walked

into the house bawling like a baby. "This is third time

you've peed your pants at school!"

"I don't know what to do!" Jeremy sobbed. "I can't go

in the bathroom anymore!"

"Either you have to overcome this fear or you'll have

to start wearing diapers to school, too!"

"No!" Jeremy screamed.

"Fine! Wet your pants in school! I don't know what else

I can do to help!" Jody hollered in frustration. "You know,

you don't have to wear the same diapers to school as you

wear to bed. I know your pants would never fit over those.

I'll pick up some Goodnites at the store and you can start

wearing those."

Jeremy hesitated and thought for a moment. He

remembered seeing Goodnites advertised on TV. They were

supposed to be discreet, look like real underwear and they

"virtually disappeared under pajamas." He decided this would

be better than wetting his pants in school.

He went with Jody to the store to buy groceries. While

they were there they went down the diaper aisle and located

the Goodnites. Jody picked up a package and handed it to

Jeremy. Jeremy looked around him, hoping that nobody was

watching. He quickly glanced over the package and then threw

it in the cart so it would blend in with the cart's other


"Well, do you think they'll work for you?" Jody asked.

"I think so," Jeremy answered quietly.

After they returned home Jody pulled the Goodnites out

of the bag and tossed the package to Jeremy.

"Here, why don't you try one now?" Jody suggested.

"Now?" Jeremy asked.

"Might as well find out how they're going to work

before you go to school."

Jeremy went back into this bedroom and exchanged his

underwear for one of the Goodnites. He pulled one of the

garments out of the pack and slipped one of them on, just

like it was a pair of underpants. He then pulled his jeans

up over them. When he went back out to the front room Jody

told him to remove his pants.

"Why?" Jeremy asked.

"I want to be able to see if they leak on you. Besides,

how many times have I seen you in your cloth diapers-- like

every night?"

Jeremy blushed as he took his pants off and strutted

around in his Goodnites. Jody then gave him a large glass of

water to drink so the test of the Goodnites could be

expedited. Jeremy sipped the water down and then went about

his usual activities of watching cartoons and reading books.

It wasn't too long before Jeremy felt that he needed to

go to the bathroom. He started to go into the bathroom, but

Jody told him he needed to pee in his Goodnites to see how

they worked. She told him to try holding it until he

couldn't hold it any longer since this was what he would

probably do in class. Jeremy sat back down and waited for

the pressure to increase in his system. When it reached an

uncomfortable level he released the flow into the Goodnites.

They soaked up the urine and the chair beneath him remained

dry. Jody looked closely at his crotch and told him to open

his legs so she could check his Goodnites. She ran her hand

over the front of the garment and unintentionally detected

an erection underneath. She pulled away, knowing that he was

embarrassed for having her feel it.

"Feels dry. See how much more it can take."

"I want to change now," he said.

"And where are you going to change at school? The

bathroom? Sort of defeats the purpose of wearing them, and

you won't go in there anymore."

A couple hours later Jeremy needed to pee again. This

time the Goodnites leaked urine out of them and they became

too saturated to take any more wetting.

"As long as you don't drink a lot, I think you can make

it through a school day," Jody said. "Maybe," she said to

herself as if to be having doubts that they would hold up

for an entire day.

By then it was about 8:00 at night, which was when

Jeremy was usually put into his nighttime diapers. They were

much thicker than his Goodnites, especially since Jody

always put several layers on him.

When the morning came Jeremy was taken out of his

soaked diapers by his Mom. She noticed the opened package of

Goodnites sitting on top of his dresser and asked where they

came from.

"We got them at the store yesterday," Jeremy said.

"Jody said I should try wearing them to school."

"Okay," his mom agreed. "I suppose that's better than

coming home in wet pants." She put away the briefs she was

about to give Jeremy and handed him one of the Goodnites

instead. He slipped them on and went off to school, feeling

somewhat confident now that he would make it through the day

without getting his pants wet.

In spite of having some protection underneath his

pants, Jeremy's classmates still teased him about his recent

wetting episodes. He felt nervous when he felt the first

signs of needing to pee building in his bladder. When the

bell rang for recess that morning he walked out to the

playground and went to a corner where he stood and let the

wetness pour into his Goodnites. He looked around to see if

anyone was nearby, and upon confirmation that he was alone

he unzipped his pants and examined the garment. It was dry

on the outside and it looked like it was holding up for the

first wetting. The only thing that concerned Jeremy now was

that it was only 10:00 in the morning and he had another

five hours to go. He wasn't sure his Goodnites could last

that long.

At around lunchtime Jeremy was faced with having to pee

again. He thought about going into the bathroom, but when he

approached the door he felt himself tremble and shake,

recalling what happened just a few days ago. He couldn't go

in there, especially since he could hear several other boys

making a ruckus. He walked back outside and returned to his

corner on the playground where some third grade girls were

playing. He slowly let the stream out of his body, but the

Goodnites reached a saturation point and they began to leak.

A smaller, but noticeable spot appeared on the front of his

jeans, enough to draw the attention of the girls. They

giggled and pointed at Jeremy as he walked away crying.

Everyone taunted Jeremy, who felt that there was no hope for

him but to get some bigger pants and wear his night diapers

to school.

Jody proposed another solution. She had Jeremy try

wearing a few extra pairs of underpants over his Goodnites

so that they could absorb any leakage. This arrangement

would make things thicker underneath his pants and more

diaper-like, and the added bulk would show. He was able to

get five pairs of underwear on over his Goodnites before his

pants could no longer fit. Jody made Jeremy go around

without his pants again so she could see how effective this

method would be. Just like she did before, Jody gave him

extra "doses" of water, giving him more this time. After two

good wettings, the Goodnites were wet and they soaked

through into the briefs, though they helped to absorb what

would have otherwise gone into Jeremy's pants had he been

wearing them.

Jody decided to see what could happen if Jeremy wet

into them a third time. In the middle of dinner Jeremy

looked at her and said, "oh, oh,"

"What? You need to go again? Then go!"

"No, I need to go the other way," Jeremy said quietly.

"You need to poop?"

Jeremy nodded his head.

"Well, just let it go. You poop in your diapers, too,

and this will let us see how well Goodnites work for Number


Jeremy slowly released his stools and they smeared into

the seat of his Goodnites. He felt the sticky glob spreading

all over his backside. The smell wafted into the air and

didn't blend well with the eating atmosphere. Jeremy then

finished his meal and went into the bathroom to clean up and

take a bath. When he took his underpants and his Goodnites

off he noted how his bowel movement covered the entire back

half of the Goodnites and spilled out into his briefs,

though the legs and above the waist. He got the stinky mess

cleaned off of him before he jumped into the bathtub.

Several small fragments of fecal matter were floating around

in the bath water by the time he was finished.

He left the bathroom and walked through the house naked

as he carried the soiled pair of Goodnites to the trash. He

pulled them out of the set of underpants that were still

bunched together from taking them off at the same time. Jody

asked him how they did and Jeremy said, "they didn't." Jody

looked inside his underwear and saw the spillage near the

leg openings and the waist. The stool residue was thin and

runny-looking, an indication that Jeremy was getting

diarrhea again, so she diapered her brother extra thickly


The next morning came and Jeremy's mom faced the

unpleasant task of changing his diarrhea-filled diapers.

Because he had his diapers on so thick his mom didn't even

know he had diarrhea until she got to the inner layers of

his diapers. Things were running behind schedule and Jeremy

had to hurry with getting himself cleaned up again before

going to school. When he got dressed he put on a pair of

Goodnites and five clean pairs of underwear. He barely got

his pants over his underwear and the waistbands showed two

inches above his pants. Three waistbands were exposed in the

rear. His pants bulged out enough that a casual observer

could see that he had more padding underneath, and those who

did notice laughed at him. Some thought he was wearing

diapers, but when they saw that he just had several pairs of

briefs on-- not knowing a pair of Goodnites was farther down

inside-- they ridiculed him for wearing his underwear in

this fashion. The extra pairs helped to absorb what the

Goodnites alone didn't catch, but it wasn't enough to keep

his pants from getting wet.

The only thing left to do, short of Jeremy wearing

larger pants to fit over his diapers, was for him to wear

his plastic pants over the Goodnites and extra pairs of

underwear. Jody had him try his plastic pants on, but

without the huge bulk of his diapers, only a large pillow of

air surrounded Jeremy's body with the tight waistband and

leg bands holding it inside. The plastic pants went up far

too high on his body to be worn comfortably with the

waistband running just below the nipples on his chest, and

they were too noisy to walk around in. They would also be a

big distraction in the classroom. Jody thought of one other

option, stuffing a couple more pairs of folded briefs inside

of the Goodnites to serve as doublers. Jeremy didn't really

care anymore what he had to wear to school since everyone

knew he was a pantswetter. This was proven to be the most

effective way to deal with Jeremy's wetting problem, and

while his pants remained dry throughout the school day, it

created even more laundry.

Jeremy's mom continued to buy Goodnites for him to wear

to school, but she hoped he would overcome his fear of the

bathrooms there. She told him that with the money she had

been spending on Goodnites she could have just as easily

bought a bigger pair of pants and made Jeremy wear his

regular diapers all day. If it weren't for the fact that

school was about to get out for the summer, she would have

started sending Jeremy to school in his enormous cloth

diapers. She did inform him, however, that this would be the

case upon returning to school next fall if he wasn't going

to use the restrooms at school. Jeremy didn't foresee any

hope of his situation ever changing. He was only in the

fourth grade and he still had eight years to go.



Jeremy was so excited to hear the big news one hot July

Afternoon. In the midst of his prospects of possibly

attending school next year in his thick cloth diapers, he

found out that he and his family were going to be moving. He

didn't know where they were going, but he looked forward to

leaving the city and the school where he carried the

indelible reputation of being a pants-pisser.

The decision to move was prompted by a letter that the

father received from his own parents back in Boise, Idaho.

Both of Jeremy's parents had grown up in Boise and they

moved to New York fifteen years ago when they got married.

They both had come from dysfunctional families. The father

never got along with his family and they didn't agree with

his decision to get married, so he eloped with his

girlfriend, now his wife.

The father suffered an abusive childhood. He was a

bedwetter until age seven. Whenever he wet the bed he was

spanked and brutally beaten and then put into diapers. This

was just one of several issues that built up such a great

resentment that the father decided to get married as soon as

he could so he could get away from his parents. The day he

turned eighteen he dropped out of school, eloped and took

off for New York City with his wife-to-be.

The mom's childhood wasn't much better. Her own mother

was a single parent until she got married. Her mother later

died in a car accident when she was sixteen and was forced

to spend two years in the custody of her stepfather, who she

highly detested. He was drunk all the time and didn't give a

damn about her well-being. She was only seventeen when she

moved out and fled with her boyfriend to New York, assuring

them a safe distance from their former custodians.

Because of the bitter relations of the past and the

fact that Jeremy's family had no telephone, letters were the

only means of communication between Boise and New York City

and were seldom sent. His father's parents had asked for

forgiveness for everything they had done and they invited

the family to "come home", back to Boise, Idaho. At the

bottom it read, "if you're at all serious about coming home,

I'll be expecting you in a couple weeks. If I don't see you,

then, well, have a great life in New York."

The letter touched upon Jeremy's father as he read it

and wiped a tear from his eye. While the letter was warm and

inviting, it also reflected the stern and stingy ways of

Jeremy's grandfather. He would allow the family to stay at

his house for a couple nights but they would be responsible

for finding a place to live and other expenses. Jeremy's dad

didn't have long to make a decision to retain his welcome on


Jeremy and Jody looked forward to seeing their

grandparents for the first time. It was agreed that time had

healed the scars of the past and so it was time to make

amends. Everyone was also tired of the crime, pollution,

noise and crowding in the city. Jeremy looked forward to

entering a new school with a clean slate. Maybe he could

make some friends and at least be liked by somebody.

By the end of July the family moved out of their rental

house. In the meantime they had packed only the items they

needed to take with them and those which were of sentimental

value. The rest of it was sold off or given away. As the

house they rented was furnished, they didn't need to move

any chairs, couches or beds.

Jeremy's clothes were the last thing of his to be

packed. He watched his Mom as she packed away his pants,

shirts, socks and underwear into one box. In another larger

box went his diapers. Each one was neatly folded and stacked

atop one another, filling the box completely. All of the

diapers showed signs of wear. They were fluffy and soft from

being washed so many times. Every one of them had lost their

virgin white gleam and appeared grayish and dingy. They were

marked with stains from Jeremy's wetting and messing into

them. His huge pairs of plastic pants were placed atop these

in the box. The other supplies such as the powder, wipes and

the container of safety pins went in last.

Jeremy knew what limits his weak bladder imposed upon

him in school when he used to use the bathroom there. Now he

was faced with a situation in which his bladder's capacity

had yet to be tested. He was about to embark on a journey

across the United States in the confinement of a car. He

convinced his parents that he would do okay without wearing

diapers in spite of his own doubts. Since his diapers were

so thick, he couldn't wear any pants over them and he didn't

want to be stuck in the car with his diapers fully exposed

to anyone who saw him along the way.

"Okay, we'll start out without putting you in diapers,"

Jeremy's mom said, "but if we think you need them, then you

*will* wear them, understand?"

"Yes, mom," Jeremy replied.

"We'll be driving over two thousand miles, you


"Two thousand miles?" Jeremy gasped, surprised that he

would be traveling such a long distance with his family.

"Oh yes, Boise is a long ways from here."

"How long will it take?"

"If we drive day and night, about three days. We won't

be making many stops, just for gas and groceries. No

restaurants, no motels-- so, are you sure you can handle


Jeremy said "yes", but he wasn't so sure himself that

he would make it without any accidents in his pants.


Early the next morning Jeremy was taken out of his wet

diapers, which were given a quick wash in the bathtub so the

family wouldn't have to endure the odor during the long ride

in the station wagon. It was an older car and everyone felt

skeptical as to whether or not it could survive the trip out

west. Even after they had sold off several things they had

still kept enough stuff to fill every available space in and

on the car. Their belongings were strapped to the top of the

station wagon, stuffed into the rear compartment and some of

them were even piled into the back seat. This arrangement

forced Jeremy and Jody to sit closely next to each other.

They made one more stop for some food and drinks before

leaving New York City. They had trouble getting the car

started as they were leaving the grocery store, further

arousing uncertainty as to how far they would make it on

their journey given such early indications of the car's

condition. After several stubborn tries, they got the car

running again and headed out of New York City westbound on

Interstate 80. By 8:00 A.M. they were finally on the road.

Jeremy took one last look at New York City's skyline

disappearing into the distance.

Because of Jeremy's weak bladder, being confined to a

car for such extended periods made it difficult for Jeremy

to sit comfortably without feeling his bladder filling up so

quickly. The hot weather and the lack of air conditioning in

the car had everyone drinking plenty of fluids to keep cool.

Even at the time of morning that it was before the day

turned hot, Jeremy was thirsty and had already drank some

water and a can of pop. They had hardly gone thirty miles

when Jeremy requested that his dad stop the car.

"I need to go to the bathroom, dad", the boy whined.

"Can it wait until I stop for gas?" his dad asked his


"No, it can't!"

"You're gonna have to hold it! You told us you could

handle this trip without your diapers!"

Jeremy settled back down in his seat and sighed. He

knew his time was running out quickly before peeing his


A few miles later the boy's voice rang out again.


"Aww, dammit, okay, I'll stop!" Jeremy's dad grumbled.

He then reluctantly pulled out of the heavy freeway

traffic and stopped on the shoulder of the busy highway.

Jeremy located a grouping of bushes where he could empty his

bursting bladder. As Jeremy returned to the car his dad was

trying to start it again. He was cursing and hitting the

steering wheel out of frustration.

"Dammit! I can't get the son of a bitch to start!" his

angry dad yelled. "This is another reason I don't want to

keep stopping!"

After several more tries he got the car running again

and the family continued on their trek. For another hour

things were going smoothly and the next fillup was still a

couple hours of driving away, but Jeremy couldn't hold his

bladder for that long as he needed to pee again. He knew

that his dad wouldn't want to stop again, but Jeremy

couldn't ignore the feeling of needing to pee.

"Maybe if you didn't drink so much damn pop that would

help!" his dad shouted impatiently back to him.

"It's hot and I'm thirsty! I have to!"

"Can you wait until we fill up?" his dad asked.

"But dad, *I* am filling up!" the boy pleaded.

"Besides, what if you need to go? Or mom? Or Jody?"

"Everyone will use a bathroom when I fill up the tank,

but that's it! We discussed this before we left!"

Jeremy sat in his seat and grimaced as the pressure

intensified in his bladder. Jeremy tried to hold his pee as

long as he could, hoping the next gas stop would be coming

up soon. The tank was still registering almost half full, so

he knew it would be awhile longer before his dad would stop

the car. Jeremy couldn't stand the pain and was in a

desperate need of relieving himself.

"I can't hold it any longer, dad!", he cried in a

strained voice. "I've gotta go really bad! Pleeez!"

"Oh, for God's sake!" his dad exclaimed. He abruptly

hit the brakes and slowed down the car and pulled it off to

the shoulder. The car behind them almost plowed into their

car and its driver flipped them the bird.

"Make it fast!" his dad shouted as Jeremy threw open

the back door and walked against the dangerous approaching

traffic to get to a small ditch just off the road, the only

such place around he could have any privacy. He stepped over

a barbed wire fence and ripped his already shabby-looking

pants, but he didn't care. He was just glad to avoid peeing

his pants. After trudging through some mud and tall,

scratchy weeds, Jeremy found the spot he sought to be out of

view of dozens of passing motorists.

Jeremy could hear his dad trying to start the car again

as he walked towards the vehicle and got into the back seat.

He knew he had blown his last chance to request a roadside

stop. As Jeremy expected, his dad was highly agitated by the

car's stubborn ignition. He feared that his dad would yell

at him for making him stop so often, and he was right.

"No more stops, Jeremy!" his dad yelled. "I can't deal

with getting this damn car started again every time you need

to pee!"

Luckily the car started again and the family was able

to return to the road. They had traveled over 200 miles

before making the first fuel stop in central Pennsylvania.

When the father pulled up to the fuel pump he said, "this is

your only chance for a bathroom for awhile, Jeremy, so you'd

better use it."

Jody and her mom had gotten out and gone into the

restroom to take care of their own full bladders. Jeremy

didn't need to go now, but he decided that he should try to

eliminate anything he had in his system since he knew his

dad wasn't going to let him out of the car anymore.

Jeremy entered the restroom and stepped up to a urinal.

He tried to eliminate any pee that he may have built up

since the last stop but he could only produce a trickle. As

he was leaving the restroom his dad came in and confronted


"You *did* go, didn't you?" his dad asked.

"Yes Dad," Jeremy responded on his way back out to the


After the car was filled up the family resumed their

drive in their old station wagon. It took a few tries to get

the car started, and once it did, Jeremy's dad turned around

and looked at him straight in the eyes and said, "now, until

this gas gauge says 'empty', I am not stopping this car!


"Yes, dad," Jeremy answered quietly. His dad hit the

accelerator and returned to the highway.

Jeremy managed to survive the next couple hours of the

drive comfortably, but then he felt his bladder filling up

again. He looked up towards the front of the car and noted

that the fuel gauge was still a long ways from registering

empty. He hoped that he could hold it until then. As the

discomfort built up in his body, Jeremy felt desperate. He

knew he was risking having his dad yell at him, but the boy

didn't know what else to do.

"Dad?" he asked.

"I know, I know! You need me to stop!" his irritated

dad snapped. "I told you, NO! NO! NO! I said it and I meant

it, no more roadside stops! Period! I don't want to stop

this car any more than I have to!"

Jeremy sighed in despair, knowing that he would surely

wet himself now. He tried with all his might to hold back

the flood that was about to occur in his pants. He looked

over at Jody, who acknowledged his discomfort and knew what

was about to happen.

Jeremy couldn't take it any longer. He had to let his

urine stream go loose and as he did, he soaked his pants all

the way down the legs and back into his rear end, getting

the car seat wet.

"Mom! Dad!" Jody yelled. "Jeremy peed his pants!"

"Terrific!" the dad shouted. "Since he can't make it

between fuel stops like the rest of us then I say we put him

back in his diapers! He can sit back there in his wet pants

until we stop!"

His mom turned around and looked at Jeremy. She said,

"Remember what we told you?"

Jeremy nodded his headed and sobbed as he knew what

lied ahead for the remainder of the trip. He began crying as

he felt he could do nothing about his wetting situation. He

just wanted to get this miserable long, slow car trip over

with soon. Each mile passed by ever so slowly as Jeremy

awaited the next fuel stop. He knew that when they got to

the gas station at which they stopped in Youngstown, Ohio,

just beyond the Ohio-Pennsylvania border, he would get put

into diapers.

Jody and her mom left the car to use the restroom while

the father pumped gas into the car. Jeremy rummaged through

the pile of boxes in the back of the car and on the seat

hoping to locate the box that contained his pants so he

could change out of the wet pants he was wearing. The father

finished pumping gas and opened the car door to ask Jeremy

what he was after.

"I'm looking for my clothes dad; I need to change my

pants," the boy said.

"Leave that stuff alone!" his dad shouted. "Your mother

and sister will take care of you when they get back!"

Meanwhile the father went inside the store to pay for

the gas and to use the bathroom. He didn't even ask Jeremy

if he needed to go. Jeremy did need to pee, but he was too

embarrassed to enter the building wearing piss-soaked jeans.

Jody soon returned from the bathroom and walked up to the

back of the car and rooted around through the boxes.

"Can you find my pants, please?" Jeremy asked his


"That's not what I'm after," Jody replied. "Mom told me

to put your diapers on you, so I'm getting those!"

Jody did not carry any sympathy in her voice and she

acted as if she agreed that her brother be diapered for the

rest of the trip westward. Jeremy knew he had no choice, so

he didn't argue over the issue of wearing diapers for the

car trip, but he felt so awkward to be in a public place

such as the busy gas station with motorists zipping in and

out. Just as their parents returned to the car, Jody had

located the box that contained Jeremy's diapers and brought

it up to the back seat.

The car was driven over to a small shaded picnic area

in the corner of the gas station lot where they could eat

and Jeremy could get diapered. The mother got some food

ready to serve while Jody had Jeremy lie down on the grass

and await his diapering. Jeremy hoped that the people

entering and exiting from the station were not looking over

at him in such a compromising state. He had taken off his

pants and his dingy, yellow- stained briefs and lied on the

ground naked with grass blades poking lightly into the

tender skin of his bottom. Just as she had done at home,

Jody ensured that Jeremy's bum was powdered up generously

since he would have to wear the diapers for several hours

before he would be changed.

Jody prepared two of the thick, heavy white diapers and

put them underneath Jeremy's bottom. She triple-pinned each

side of the diapers and then unfolded the big plastic pants

that would soon enshroud the white layers of cloth that

surrounded Jeremy's skinny body. She pulled the big pair of

plastic pants up, running them over his stick-like legs and

snapping the tight waistband over his stomach. The leg bands

left abrasions around the tops of Jeremy's thighs as they

sealed up his bottom and his crotch from leakage. The

plastic pants fit so tightly at the legs and the elastic was

cutting a red ring around Jeremy's upper thighs. Jody went

around him and tucked in the diapers where they were

sticking up out of the plastic pants. Several people had

driven by and saw the boy standing there in such thick

diapers around his butt.

Jeremy wanted to go back into the car and sit down

where he was out of view of the other people, but Jody

dragged him over to the picnic table where the parents got

out the food and told him it was time to eat now.

"I want my pants!" Jeremy cried as he was being led by

his older sister.

"They're not going to fit, Jeremy!" Jody said. "Your

diapers are much too thick! You know that!"

Jeremy started crying as he planted his amply-padded

rear down on the bench in plain view of the people going in

and coming out of the station. He ate his sandwiches and

potato chips in spite of how terribly embarrassed he felt to

be in public wearing diapers. Jeremy knew he was being

stared at as people went by, but he faced away from the

driveway of the gas station to avoid looking at others. His

white-diapered rear end contrasted so brightly against his

blue shirt.

After the family packed things up they headed back out

to the highway and continued on their trek through Ohio.

Jeremy tried to sit comfortably in the car with a thick

bunch of diapers underneath him and around him. He tried to

close his legs and keep the wide, thick crotch out of Jody's

view, but he could not close his legs or do anything to hide

any portion of his diapers. His shirt had ridden up and

exposed the high rise of the diapers on his body. Jody was

looking at him, proud of the way she diapered him and

feeling glad that she wasn't the one having to wear them.

Jeremy later got settled down and resigned himself to

having to wear diapers for the remainder of the trip. He

grabbed the road map and looked at it. He traced the route

they were traveling and located eastern Ohio. The trip

seemed like it had taken forever already. Jeremy couldn't

believe that they had only traveled such a relatively short

distance so far on their way to Idaho. Boise was still over

two thousand miles away, and for Jeremy, it would be two

thousand slowly passing miles in diapers.

Just a few miles after they had left Youngstown, Jeremy

felt his need to pee intensifying. Even though he was

tightly bound into his diapers, his first inclination was to

ask his dad to stop, which he knew now would have been

completely pointless. Jeremy's weak bladder couldn't take

too much more of the pressure and he let his urine stream

flow into the thirsty wall of cloth that ran over his

stomach and through his crotch. Jeremy was used to getting

changed in the mornings and he never had to go for several

hours while sitting awake in wet diapers, but this time he

would need to get used to the wet sensation for a lot

longer. Jeremy felt frustrated being unable to alleviate the

itching he felt in his diapers as the wetness irritated his

skin. He asked his dad when he could be changed.

"Let your sister check you at the next gas station and

she'll decide when you're ready to be changed," his dad said

as he continued driving, keeping his eyes focused on the

endless road ahead.

"Those diapers ought to last awhile," Jody assured him.

"Besides, we don't want your dirty diapers stinking up the

car, you know."

The trip was going to take even longer than Jeremy

expected. The father had taken a detour through Akron and

then drove along a rural route to avoid the toll highway and

the traffic in the larger cities that skirted Northern Ohio.

It was getting dusk by the time they reached the western

edge of Ohio and made their next fuel stop, having traveled

about 700 miles so far.

Jeremy was hoping that he would soak his diapers enough

to warrant a change, but Jody didn't think he needed it.

After she returned from the restroom she made him step out

of the car and stand before her where she could check him in

the bright lights above the pumps where another family could

see him as plain as day in his diapers. She ran her hand

along the front of his diapers, examining the thick, soaked

layers and decided that his diapers were good for awhile.

Jeremy wondered when he would be changed since it was now


"Are we stopping for the night?" Jeremy asked his mom.

"No, I'm taking over the driving overnight and your

father will rest," she answered. Since the mother had gotten

used to working the swing shift at the diner she was better

acclimated to the late hours.

"Who's gonna change me?" Jeremy whined.

"Jody, if she doesn't go to sleep back there. I'll be

driving, and your dad isn't about to crawl back there and

change you. He doesn't change your diapers, anyway."

Everyone got back into the car and they continued on

their westbound journey through Indiana in the dark of the

moonless night. The father had fallen asleep as well as

Jody, whose head was resting against Jeremy's shoulder.

Jeremy was still wide awake, unable to sleep in the car. He

wanted to get his wet diapers off but he felt so helpless.

He tried to get comfortable and he hoped that he could


At one point he did get himself comfortable enough,

only to realize that now he had a bowel movement on its way

out of his body. Jeremy only wore his diapers for bedwetting

and only pooped in them occasionally, usually when he was

going through one of his bouts of diarrhea. He tried to

suppress the urge and he was normally able to do this by

squeezing his legs together, but his diapers were so thick

and nothing he could do could bring his buttocks any closer

together. He tried sitting on his heel, which was a trick he

employed at school to avoid having to poop in the restrooms

there and stink them up and cause him embarrassment. He

realized that his diapers were much too thick and his heel-

sitting method of delaying a bowel movement was ineffective.

Jeremy knew he would eventually dump his load into the

diapers, adding to the wetness he had felt in them for the

last six or seven hours. He wanted to stave off having to

poop in them for as long as possible since he knew a long

night of driving lied ahead and the sooner he pooped the

longer he would have to sit in his mess.

Jeremy couldn't hold his poop in any longer and a large

pile of crap spewed out of his bottom and spread all over

his buttocks. His tight, thick diapers gave his poop little

room to flow and it spread up into his crotch and smothered

his balls. A loud fart accompanied his release as did a

strong odor. His mom knew he was still awake.

"Aren't you asleep, Jeremy?" she asked.

"I can't sleep in the car!" the boy complained.

"You just had a bowel movement, didn't you?" his mom

asked him. "I can smell it, and I also heard it."

Jeremy didn't say a word. He decided to roll the window

down to allow the cool night air to circulate throughout the

car and clear out the stench his messy diapers were

creating. The sound of the air blowing through the window

awakened Jody.

"Roll your window up!" she complained groggily. She

then took a whiff of the foul air and told Jeremy to leave

it down for awhile instead.

"Did you just poop?" Jody asked her brother.

Jeremy didn't feel like he should answer the question

since Jody had already figured out that he did.

"Can you change me when we stop?" Jeremy humbly asked

his sister.

"You'll have to wait until morning, Jeremy," his mom

said. "It's almost 1:00 A.M. and I want to keep going. Now

try to sleep, and roll up your window."

Jeremy sat silently in the back seat and tried to get

himself comfortable enough to sleep. The sticky mess

clinging to his rear end like mud kept him awake as did the

confining environment in the car. He stared through the bug-

splattered windshield into the dark void ahead, lit only by

the car's headlights. He wondered where they were and how

far they still had to go. The road seemed so long, straight

and monotonous, the black night was thinly glittered by

lights shining from distant farm houses.

Eventually the drone of the car's motor lulled Jeremy

to sleep, making him temporarily oblivious to the large

globs of poop mired throughout the rear of his diapers. He

rested his head on Jody's shoulder and remained asleep

through the 2:00 A.M. gas fillup their mom put into the car

when they got to the southern edge of Chicago. The time

reversed an hour after entering the next time zone. At this

point they re-joined Interstate 80 and were passing through

Illinois. The mother was getting weary from having driven

for over five hours, and even she wasn't used to staying

awake overnight. She pulled into a rest area just west of

the town of Joliet and fell asleep in the car with the rest

of the family.




Jeremy woke up again as the light of dawn brushed

across his face. He had wet his diapers some more while he

was asleep. Clad in wet, sticky diapers and a shirt, Jeremy

felt cold and tried to find a blanket in the back of the

car. His neck was stiff and sore from sleeping in such an

awkward position. His diapers hadn't been changed since late

yesterday afternoon and they were becoming saturated. He

wanted someone to change him but everyone was still asleep.

He sat up and looked around the rest area. How he wish he

knew where he was and how much farther it was to Boise.

The father woke up and looked around the car. He saw

that Jeremy was sitting awake and trying to make himself

feel warm. He said, "your mama must've got too tired and

stopped. You know where we are?"

"I dunno, dad," Jeremy said. "I wanna go home!"

"Right now, son, this car *is* home."

Eventually the others had awakened. Jody looked at

Jeremy and saw that his wet diapers were in need of a

change. The smell of his stale urine and feces indicated he

was long overdue.

"I think Jeremy needs a diaper change," Jody said as

she observed the foul odor.

"Take him over to the bathroom," her mom said. "You

know where his diapers are. I'll get some food ready and

we'll have breakfast before we go again."

Jody reached for the box that contained Jeremy's

diapers and grabbed several of them. She then told Jeremy to

get out of the car. Jeremy didn't want to walk around in

diapers where others in the rest area could see him, but he

knew he would never get changed out of his smelly diapers


"I think I'll be okay without diapers," Jeremy said,

hoping he wouldn't have to wear them for the rest of the

trip. The rest of the family agreed unanimously that he

still needed to wear them. Jody then led him up to the small

building where the restrooms were housed and took him into

the women's restroom.

"I can't go in there!" Jeremy yelled as he stopped and

resisted entering.

"Look, Jeremy, moms take their kids in the women's room

to change them all the time, whether they're boys or girls.

Besides, we'll do it in a stall."

Jeremy reluctantly followed his sister into the

restroom and he felt lucky that nobody else was in there.

Jody and him went into one of the stalls where she changed

his diapers. She laid him down on the cold concrete floor

and pulled away his plastic pants. She released the pins and

pulled away the saturated diapers. She took them off and

winced at the strong stench that polluted the air around

them. Jeremy lied on the floor naked while Jody shook the

excess fecal contents of his diapers into the toilet. She

then used toilet paper to wipe up his poopy bottom. She

wasn't used to dealing with messy diapers and the sight and

smell of Jeremy's stinky shit disgusted her.

Jody realized she had forgotten to bring the powder

with her. She told Jeremy to stay put and she would be right

back, as if Jeremy intended to go anyplace outside of the

stall in the women's restroom with nothing to wear. Jody

hadn't left him for more than a couple minutes, but to

Jeremy she seemed to take forever. He felt so uncomfortable

in the stall alone in the middle of a diaper change. He

heard some other people enter the restroom while he lied

there. He saw someone enter the stall next to him and could

only see her feet as she sat on the toilet. He stood up so

the occupant in the next stall wouldn't see him lying there.

He was so glad to see Jody come back. She told him to lie

down again so she could powder him and diaper him. The girl

in the next stall giggled when she must have looked down and

saw that there was an older boy in the adjacent stall

getting his diapers changed.

Jeremy looked at the thick stack of diapers and he

didn't think Jody would really try to put them all on him,

but he soon found out that this was just what Jody had in

mind as she slid the thick pile underneath his bum.

"I think you'll need to be diapered more heavily so you

can go longer without having to be changed," Jody commented

as she sensed her brother's disagreement with having to wear

so many diapers at once.

Jeremy agreed that the soft, warm diapers felt a lot

better than the cold concrete, and they were dry, too-- for

now. Jody used the same pins that were used on the other

diapers and fastened them up, assuring they would keep his

diapers tight. She also used the same plastic pants, which

this time were a struggle for Jody to get them over Jeremy's

bulging quadruple diapers. She managed to get the white,

fluffy cloth material stuffed beneath the tight waistband of

the plastic pants. She then sent him out of the restroom and

told him she would be right out.

"Aren't you going back to the car with me?" Jeremy

whined as he stood outside the restroom door in plain view

of a lady and her daughter as they were about to enter.

"I need to go to the bathroom," Jody said. "Here, take

your dirty diapers back with you."

Jeremy felt so ashamed to let everyone see him in

diapers. He decided to sit outside and wait for his sister

rather than walk back to the car alone. Meanwhile he

observed a man entering the restroom with a boy he presumed

was the man's son, about the same age as Jeremy. His dad was

carrying a large, thick disposable diaper. The boy's shorts

bulged out and they crinkled as he walked alongside his dad.

At least Jeremy knew he wasn't the only one wearing diapers,

though he still felt little consolation for the situation he

was in. As he sat there he tried to hide his thickly

diapered crotch from view as a couple of younger girls came

up to the restroom door, but he could not close his legs.

The girls looked at him strangely and saw the pile of soiled

diapers next to him.

Jody finally exited from the restroom and led her

brother back to the car. By then their mom had gotten out

some food, which wasn't a typical breakfast, but it was

something to eat before making the remaining long drive


Jeremy placed his dirty, wet diapers into a plastic

grocery bag, which was then put inside of two other bags to

keep the odors from stinking up the car. Before Jeremy could

eat he was sent back to the bathroom to wash his hands since

he had been handling his soiled diapers. He decided to

follow his dad as he went to use the bathroom. The other man

and his son were still in there and when they left, the boy

didn't have his shorts on, just the thick disposable diaper.

"See?" Jeremy's dad said to him. "Now you can finally

stop saying you're the only one your age in diapers!"

It was about 9:00 A.M. before they got moving again.

Jeremy was heavily diapered and ready for a day's worth of

wetting and messing his enormous diapers without needing any

changes for awhile. The father took over the driving and the

mother resumed her rest as she was still feeling tired from

last night's driving. The patchwork of farms and fields

passed by as they made their way across the rest of Illinois

and into Iowa where the next fuel stop occurred near Iowa

City. Everyone except Jeremy piled out of the car and headed

for the bathroom during the stop. Jeremy had peed his

diapers by then and he expected to wet them a lot more

before the four thick layers bundled around him would become

soaked enough to require a diaper change. The hot afternoon

sun was beating down as they traveled through the monotonous

stretches of fields. Jeremy was drinking plenty of pop to

hold back his thirst and was consequently peeing it back out

of his body into his diapers. He wanted to be changed again

at the next fuel stop just before entering Council Bluffs.

He tried to force out a bowel movement so he could get

changed sooner, but only a small deposit of poop squirted

into his diapers. It felt gooey and paste-like beneath his

diapers and added to his discomfort of being wedged between

the car door and his wide-hipped sister.

The intense summer heat didn't help matters for Jeremy

nor the others. Everyone felt hot, sweaty, tired and cranky

after being on the road for two solid days. They were just

past the halfway point as they passed through Omaha,

Nebraska. There was very little change in scenery as they

had passed from state to state. The long, monotonous driving

was beginning to wear on everyone's nerves and the car

itself was beginning to buckle under the strain of the heat

and overheated on the freeway. The father, who was already

feeling irritable as it was, cursed and hollered at the car.

They waited for the engine to cool down before resuming

their drive through Nebraska.

After they got the car moving again they stopped for

another fueling and bathroom break (except for Jeremy) and

continued down the road. Jeremy hoped he could get his

diapers changed this time, but Jody didn't think he needed

one yet.

"I did diaper you up heavily for a reason, you know"

his sister said as she patted his rear end.

Soon after they left the gas station Jeremy needed to

poop his diapers again. This time he had a much larger load

to release. He tried not to make it seem so obvious that he

was dumping into his diapers with Jody sitting so close to

him. He sat back in the seat and scooted his rear end

forward. He pushed his knee into Jody's chest and kept his

legs even more widely spread apart than they had been from

the enormous, bulky diapers. He told Jody that he was trying

to recline and get more comfortable, but she knew he was

pooping into his diapers, especially when he let out a loud,

wet fart, though muted beneath the cotton bunched up between

his legs. The air in the car reeked of Jeremy's bowel

movement. Jody knew that beneath the wide, thick strips of

white cotton sheathed in plastic pants over Jeremy's crotch

and rear end was a big, smelly mess that she would have to

eventually clean up.

They were in central Nebraska as the sun began to set

on their second day of travel. The car had been running

erratically since the last time they stopped because of

overheating and now it was doing the same thing again. The

father pulled the car off the road and they waited it out

until the car was cooled down enough to drive. It was

getting late in the evening and Jeremy wanted his diapers

changed before the night set in. The messy poop and the wet

fabric that encircled his body irritated his skin and

created a big rash all throughout his crotch. He asked Jody

to change him.

"Here? Where? On the side of the road?"

"You can change him up here in the front seat, Jody,

and I'll get out and wait for you," her mom offered.

"No, let's get going!" the father grumbled. "We've lost

enough time as it is waiting for this damn thing to cool


"Oh, come on, dear," his wife said. "Your folks will

understand if we're delayed. I'm sure they know you're


"It doesn't mean I want to keep having to stop all the

time! First, it was Jeremy, and now this car overheating!"

"Honey, please," she said to pacify her husband.

"There's a rest area thirty miles from here. Let's try to go

that far and see how the car is running then."

"What about my diaper change?" Jeremy whined.

"Jody will change you when we get to the rest area,"

his mom answered.

The father started the car and drove it slowly along

the shoulder of the Interstate highway to keep the engine

temperature down. This forced Jeremy to wait even longer

than he expected to get his stinky, sticky diapers taken

off. He looked forward to seeing the next rest area and

counted the mileage signs along the highway as they slowly

passed by. At a rate of 35 miles per hour they had driven

about 20 miles without any problems. Suddenly a red light

glowed on the dashboard and indicated the car was overheated

once again in spite of the precautions that were taken to

keep the car running. They were stuck in the dark.

Jeremy didn't think he would ever get his diapers

changed. Jody was growing tired of listening to her brother

whine about his diapers and she figured she had better do

something about it just to shut him up. The dome light

inside the car didn't work and the only flashlight they had

with them was too dim. The dashboard offered only a little

bit of light for Jody to change Jeremy's diapers. She could

have laid him in front of the car on the pavement to change

him in the car's headlights, but this was obviously too

dangerous with cars and trucks whizzing by at 70 to 80 miles

per hour, not to mention that this would have been highly

awkward to Jeremy.

"Then you'll have to wait until morning unless we get

to the rest area," Jody said.

"I don't think we will make it tonight," her mom


"So, we'll just camp out here on the freeway?" Jody


"We can't keep driving it like this until we get the

problem fixed," her mom replied.

"Good luck finding a mechanic out here!" the father

grumbled as he tried to start the stubborn car. "Let's see

if we can make it to the next town and have it looked at."

"He'll charge you a bundle. It probably needs anti-

freeze! We can pick some up at a store tomorrow."

"I'll try to get us to the next exit," the father said.

"Anyplace but here!"

The car got started up yet again and the father drove

it at 25 miles per hour on the shoulder, hoping this would

be slow enough to keep the car from overheating. They

managed to make it to the next exit, which Jeremy thought he

would never see. He hoped for a town or at least some place

that provided enough light for Jody to change his diapers,

but the road ahead of them was pitch black and it appeared

to be seldom traveled. They drove for about a quarter mile

off the Interstate and stopped the car for the rest of the

night. The present circumstances forced Jeremy to spend the

night in his heavily peed and pooped diapers. He didn't

think he would ever get any sleep in such conditions but he

still nodded off and rested his head against his sleeping

sister's shoulder.


The light of the next day's sunrise revealed that a

small town was located just up the road. Before they got

moving Jeremy got his ripe-smelling diapers changed. The

mother got out and looked under the hood with the father to

determine that the anti-freeze was out. Jeremy lied down in

the front seat and Jody stood before him with the

passenger's side car door open to perform his diaper change.

When she was finished she threw the soaking, crap-laden

diapers in the plastic grocery bags with the other soiled

diapers that had been sitting in the back of the car since

yesterday morning. The stench quickly spread throughout the

car. For the first time in nearly twenty-four hours Jeremy

enjoyed the wonderful feeling of clean, dry diapers. Jody

thought that Jeremy could have gone longer in the diapers

since he was wearing four of them and each of the diapers

was thick enough by itself. Seeing that four diapers lasted

so long, she pinned him back into another set of four

diapers and hoped that she wouldn't have to perform this

unsavory task for awhile.

They drove the car into the town and tried to locate a

place that might sell anti-freeze. The only place that

appeared to offer any hope was a dirty, weeded lot with a

cinder block building along with several rusty cars and

other assorted junk littering the property. It wasn't a

welcoming atmosphere, but they were desperate and it was

worth a shot to the weary, traveling family.

When they pulled in a rough-looking man in his late

twenties wearing greasy overalls and a greasy cap came out

and greeted them.

"Mornin' folks!" he said as he removed the cigarette

from his mouth. "What's theffx problem?"

"Well," the dad started, "we just need some anti-freeze

for our car, and we were hoping you might have some."

"Pop the hood," the man said tersely.

Everybody in the car just stared at tall, dirty man. He

smelled bad, both of motor oil and poor hygiene. He

exhibited a bad attitude towards out-of-towners who came to

his shop. He shook his head as he was supposedly checking

over the engine.

"I don't trust this guy," the mother said. "Let's


"Give him a chance, dear," her husband said back. "We

need to get the car running again!"

"Well, shit!", the man exclaimed. "Don't you folks know

nothin' about keepin' a car runnin' right? You ain't got no

oil! You ain't got no antifreeze neither!"

"That's what we told you in the first place!" the

father said, getting impatient. "What are you doing? What do

we need? Oil, too?"

The man gave the engine another once-over and then

turned to the father. He said, "what you need is a good

lesson in car maintenance! I ain't never seen nothin' like

this! I could spend all day on this one!"

"You don't treat your customers well, do you?" the

father complained to the man.

"You guys is from out of town, New York, I see," the

man said as he looked at their car's license plate.

"Yeah, so? We're still your customer!"

"How the hell you made it this far, I'd sure like to


"We're headed to Idaho," the mother said. The man was

making her nervous.

"In a piece of shit like this?" the man remarked

incredulously. "Good luck!"

"What does your competition think of your attitude?"

the father asked the surly man.

"Competition? Ain't got none in this town. Too damn


"Well, who else works on cars here?" the father asked


"Gotta go the next town, but I doubt you is gonna make

it there!

The man then looked at the two kids sitting in the back

seat. Jeremy felt intimidated as he approached the opened

car window and looked in. He placed his greasy hand on the

back door and looked at the boy sitting there with his big

diapers covering his stomach.

"Ain't your boy a bit old for diapers?" the man asked

Jeremy's dad.

"Why does it matter to you?" he replied.

"Dunno, ain't never seen a kid his age in diapers!"

"Well, now you have! Listen, just drop the hood and get

us some anti-freeze! That's all we want!"

"Sure, but you gotta pay first!" the man said.

"Fine!" the father sighed with exasperation. "How much

do I owe you?"

"Fifty bucks," the man answered immediately. His dirty

palm was outstretched to prompt the expected payment.

"Excuse me? Fifty bucks for anti-freeze?" the father


"I looked under your hood," the man answered. "I charge

fifty bucks for that!" The man was obviously trying to take

advantage of the family for being out-of-towners and also

being desperate. He repeated his demand for the money and

snapped his fingers. "You owe me fifty bucks!"

"Like hell I do!" the father yelled at the man. He

started the engine, threw the car into reverse gear, hit the

gas pedal and sprayed gravel with the spinning tires as he

rapidly accelerated out of the lot. The hood was still

propped up, but it came back down as they hit a bump and

knocked the rod holding it up out of place.

Once they were out of town they went back to the

Interstate highway and drove along the shoulder at 25 miles

per hour. The pace was slow-going, but they managed to keep

their car running long enough to make it to the town of

North Platte, Nebraska, where they located one of those

quick oil change centers. They pulled in and explained their

situation. "Just go ahead and leave it right here with the

keys," said the clean-cut gentleman.

"We have a waiting room with free coffee and donuts if

you like", he offered in a friendly voice. "We'll get you

going as soon as we can, but it'll be awhile; we're really

backed up today."

The kids climbed out of the car and walked to the

waiting room. Jeremy was afraid to leave the car in just his

diapers, but he couldn't just sit there. His mom made him

leave the car and join the others in the waiting room.

"Mom! I'm in diapers!" Jeremy cried.

"Well, I can't really change you out of them now! Now

come on, nobody here even knows you!"

She ended up taking Jeremy by his wrists and forcibly

dragging him across the lot, walking him past several

mechanics who were on duty. They stared momentarily at the

diapered boy, but then went back to their job duties. Jeremy

was crying over such embarrassment. He looked at the other

people who were in the waiting room. Across from Jeremy and

his family sat a lady who was probably in her fifties. She

looked up from her magazine and never went back to minding

her own business. She gazed at Jeremy and then at the rest

of the family. She then asked Jeremy's Mom, "Is there any

reason you make your boy go around in diapers like that?"

The tone of her voice rang out in disapproval.

"If you must know," Jeremy's mom answered, "we're

traveling and he can't make it between gas stations without

wetting his pants!"

Jeremy buried his head between his legs, pretending not

to be paying any attention as his mom and the other lady

argued about having Jeremy wear diapers in the first place,

much less making him wear them alone in public.

"Look at him! He's humiliated!" the lady said feeling

some compassion for Jeremy.

"Mind your own business!" Jeremy's mom shouted back.

The time ticked by slowly. It had only been twenty

minutes. Jeremy needed to go to the bathroom. He stopped

reading the children's magazine that he was looking at and

looked around in the waiting room. He felt like every person

had their eyes on him, seeing his diapers bulging out from

underneath him. He wet in them out of nervousness, adding to

the wetness he had already peed into them. How he wished he

was in the car where nobody but his family had to see him

wearing diapers.

The wait lasted about forty-five minutes, but to Jeremy

it seemed like an eternity. His diapers had been wet since

they arrived at the car repair shop, but he knew that they

would have to last him for the rest of the day ahead of him.

Jody checked him and told him, "you have lots more diaper to

wet still." She then sharply snapped the tight elastic

waistband of his plastic pants over his stomach.

It was approaching noon by the time the car was

serviced and ready to go. Jeremy felt so glad to get out of

that waiting room with everyone seeing him in diapers. The

sanctity and privacy in the car only lasted briefly for

Jeremy. They stopped at a park to eat the last of the food

for lunch before returning to the freeway. Jeremy didn't

want to get out and have everyone staring at him again. As

luck would have it, there was a girls' soccer team at the

park and they were returning to their van as Jody escorted

her brother to the picnic tables which were about a hundred

feet from the car. The team of girls, most of them Jeremy's

age, stared at him as they walked by. He heard them giggling

and talking about him, hearing the word "diaper" repeatedly

throughout their clamorous laughter. Jody jokingly offered

to change his diapers, but she knew he wouldn't want her to

do this with several girls looking at him. Given a choice,

Jeremy decided that he could take several more hours of

wearing wet diapers that would only get wetter and also

pooped in by the time the day was over.

At least the rest of the trip ahead of them looked

promising. They were back on the freeway, traveling full

speed ahead, all the way to the Nebraska-Wyoming border.

After getting the car serviced, everyone felt that their

troubles were behind them. Boise was only 750 miles or so

away and getting closer with each mile. After having passed

into the next time zone it was about 4:00 in the afternoon

by the time they reached Cheyenne where the fuel tank was

filled and bladders and bowels were emptied, even Jeremy's--

into his diapers, forcing him to sit in his shit-filled

diapers for the next few hours before he would finally get a

diaper change. He endured the wet, messy feeling that

surrounded his bum as he unloaded more of the stinky, runny

poop into his diapers. He had come down with diarrhea again

and his diapers were quickly filling up. Each movement he

passed was accompanied by wet farts that bubbled around in

the heavily soiled seat of his thick diapers. A constant

stench lingered in the car, even with the windows open. The

next expected fuel stop was over 150 miles away, and they

were making good time now, so the father refused to stop in

spite of knowing that Jeremy badly needed his diapers

changed. By the time they were in need of gas they had

reached a very remote, isolated section of Wyoming where

towns were few and far between. The only gas station they

found was closed until the next morning and there was no way

they would ever make it any farther. Once again their travel

was halted as they found a place to stop the car for the


Jeremy couldn't wait to get his diapers changed. Jody

had fallen asleep so his mom changed his diapers instead.

With what little daylight there was left, she changed him on

the ground outside of the car. The gravel surface beneath

Jeremy cut into his back and his neck. Jeremy felt so

embarrassed to present such a soiled set of diapers to his

mom as she released the tight pins. Just as she was about to

pull the poop-plastered diapers away from him he released

another squirt of poop onto them.

His mom rummaged through the back seat of the car and

located the box that contained Jeremy's diapers and pulled

out a very thick stack. In the dim light of the setting sun

behind the mountains, he looked at the pile of white fabric

contrasting against the dark ground. His mom wiped up his

bottom and then proceeded to diaper him. She layered every

diaper on Jeremy until they were so thick that his legs were

bowed apart when he stood up. His plastic pants could barely

fit over the massive bunch. His diapers were put on in such

a fashion that every other one was alternated so that one

covered him higher in the rear and the other covered up more

of his front, engulfing so much of his body that his diapers

came to a stop above his elbows. His mom explained that this

would give him more coverage in the rear to contain his


After Jeremy climbed back into the car he tried to

sleep, but his diapers forced him to keep his legs apart.

After attempting several sleeping positions he finally lied

his head down on Jody's lap and put one leg up on the seat

behind him and the other in between the two front seats. He

still couldn't sleep as he continued to load his diapers

with what remained of his diarrhea before the condition

subsided. He scooted his bum on the seat and felt the mess

pressing up against his rear end. His body heat kept the

gooey, sticking sensation warm and moist underneath the

thickest set of diapers he could ever remember wearing.




As the sunrise beamed through the window Jody awakened

to find that her brother was using her lap as a pillow. She

tried to move and replace her legs with something else that

Jeremy could use as a pillow. The only thing she could find

was one of the plastic grocery bags that contained his

soiled diapers.

Jody looked inside the bag and nearly puked on the odor

emanating from it. She couldn't believe what a mess he made

in his diapers the night before. The smell was becoming

unbearable and Jeremy's diapers would need to be washed as

soon as they found a laundry facility. The town they were in

consisted only of a gas station, a restaurant and a tavern.

There was no place to take Jeremy's diapers to wash them.

The next town of any significant size was Rock Springs,

Wyoming, some sixty miles away.

Jody tried to find something else for Jeremy to rest

on, but he was awakened by her movements. Jeremy sat up and

he felt that the wet poopy mess he deposited in his diapers

had congealed into a large, sticky blob that he was forced

to sit in until the next diaper change. When they arrived in

Rock Springs they drove around the town and located a

laundry facility. Jeremy hoped to get changed then but he

was left in his diapers after Jody checked him and

determined that he could still wet in them a lot more,

especially since his mom put them on him so much thicker.

Jeremy sat in the chair with his legs wide apart and

exposing his thick, white crotch to curious onlookers who

stared at him. Jeremy was getting used to being seen in

diapers in public but it still bothered him that he drew so

much unwanted attention. He watched Jody and his Mom empty

several grocery bags stuffed with his brown-stained diapers.

They stuffed them into one of the large washing machines and

while they waited they watched it cleanse out the soiled

matter. It took awhile for the machine to complete the wash

and they also took awhile to dry. It was close to noon

before they resumed travel through western Wyoming.

The car was clipping along quite nicely for awhile but

then it started to shimmy. The mother, who was driving

again, slowed down the car to find out what was wrong. As

they slowed down the car shook even more with each turn of

the tires jolting it. The father groaned and cursed as he

realized that they had yet another problem to deal with.

They continued to drive it to the town of Evanston near the

Wyoming-Utah line and checked the tires while they were

stopped for a fuel-up and bathroom break. The tires had worn

down to the point that none of them had any traction. Tires

were too expensive for their limited budget and they would

have to try to make the rest of the trip to Boise on what

they had.

The drive into Utah felt rough as the car's shaking

increased. They were in imminent danger of a blowout but

they continued driving for another sixty miles or so until

suddenly a loud pop was heard in the back left side of the

car. They had just turned onto Interstate 84 in the town of

Ogden and stopped the car. An examination of the back left

tire revealed that it was about to blow on them, so they

slowly drove along the shoulder to the next exit and found a

tire store in Ogden.

Once again Jeremy was forced to leave the car and go

around in diapers in a public place. He had wet in them

again while he sat down with his mom and Jody in the waiting

area while his dad talked to the worker on duty. The way

things were going, Jeremy didn't think he would ever see

Boise. As long as he was stuck in the car he would have to

wear diapers. He looked forward to moving into a house or an

apartment and using a toilet for the first time in several


The father came back out to tell his family that the

car would need new tires no matter what. A tough decision

had to be made. They could buy some tires and not have

enough money to rent an apartment and buy furniture, if

needed, or they could sell the car for the money when they

got to Boise and do without a car for the time being. Their

other option was to settle in Ogden, Utah, but they wanted

to go all the way to Boise and reunite with the father's

parents as planned.

About an hour later the car sported four new tires,

costing over $250 with labor. They barely had enough money

for gas to even make it to their destination, There was no

food or anything to drink except for water. Everyone was

hungry, tired and weary. They had thought about turning

around and settling in Ogden, but they decided that they

could make it to Idaho since they had come this far already

as they traveled up the interstate. Still, everyone felt so

hungry and fatigued in the blazing summer heat of the high

desert of northern Utah. Some extra money was needed just so

they could eat. Jody thought for a moment and then spoke up

with her idea.

"Let's sell Jeremy's pants!" she shouted.

"Noooo!" Jeremy protested.

"Why? You're not wearing them now! You don't need them

since you've been getting along okay in your diapers!"

The mother, just as hungry and as desperate as the rest

of the family, agreed that this was their only option. The

father seconded the motion. They turned around and drove

back to Ogden and found a place that bought used jeans, a

hot commodity in overseas markets. Jeremy had four pairs of

jeans which netted them about twenty dollars. This wasn't

quite enough money for them to comfortably make the rest of

the drive and have food to eat when they got to their

destination. Perhaps they could sell more of their


Jody grabbed another box that contained Jeremy's


"No, not those!" Jeremy cried. "I need those!"

"Your diapers make good underwear," Jody said as she

patted her brother's extremely padded behind. The girl at

the counter tried to suppress a giggle. Jody handed the box

to the young, teenage girl behind the counter. She picked up

some of the pairs and held them up in such a manner that the

brown stains embedded into the seats were exhibited


"Can you take these, too?" Jody asked. "I know they're

not exactly clean-looking..."

"Sorry, but I can't take these," the girl said. Jeremy

felt relieved that his underwear wasn't being sold off,

though this feeling only lasted momentarily as his mom said,

"we need the money, really desperately."

The girl then stopped for a moment and then re-


"I can't re-sell them here, but perhaps my little

brother could wear them."

"Really? You mean you'll take them?"

"Sure. How does ten dollars sound?"

"Anything will help!" the father said.

Immediately an exchange of ten dollars for a box of

used boys' briefs took place. Jeremy realized that he now

had absolutely nothing left to wear except for his diapers.

"I hope you don't mind that most of them are stained,"

Jeremy's mom said sheepishly. Jeremy buried his face in


"Oh, well, that's okay," the girl said. "All of my

brother's underwear looks the same, believe me!"

The father went to the car and retrieved some of his

clothes and offered them, as did the mother. Jody refused to

give up anything of hers. Like most teenage girls, she

valued her clothes too much to relinquish them. They got

another twenty dollars for a pair of men's slacks and a

couple of shirts and blouses. They had a total of fifty

dollars extra and were sure to make it to Boise at long

last, as long as the car made it.

They crossed the Utah-Idaho line and drove westward

through Idaho. They made a stop for gas in the town of

Burley. As their road atlas indicated, Boise was now only

161 miles away, so they expected this to be their last

fillup. It was about 5:00 in the afternoon. They hoped to

reach Boise by around 8:00 that evening. For the first time

in fiften years, the father talked to his parents by phone

in Boise. He told them where they were and when to expect

them. A few thunderstorms slowed them down but they were

making better progress than they had been in the last couple

days. As they approached Boise they could see the city's

skyline in the distance with a backdrop of mountains. A sea

of lights glowed in the valley as nightfall was setting in.

Upon arrival in Boise they pulled off the freeway and

drove into town. Both the father and mother were amazed at

the way the city had changed and grown so much in fifteen

years. The father remembered his way around Boise and noted

several familiar places as he navigated the streets that led

to his parents home, the place where he grew up. Several

memories, many of them bitter, flooded the father's mind as

he pulled the car into the driveway.

"We're here, at long last!" the father announced to the

family as he turned off the car's engine. He paused for a

moment and wiped a tear away from his eye and said, "well,

let's go meet your grandparents, kids."

"Dad?" Jeremy asked. "Do I have to go in there in my


"They're standing at the window waiting for us, let's

go!" the father prompted, ignoring his son's concerns.

"But dad, do I...?"

Jody and Jeremy were still in the car as the two cars

doors up front were closed in unison. Jody was stuck in the

car since Jeremy didn't get out.

"Move your butt, Jeremy! Let's go see Grandma and


"I don't wanna go in with diapers on!" Jeremy cried.

"Oh, stop being a baby! Well, you *are* kinda dressed

like... never mind, come on!"

Jeremy didn't want to get out of the car, but the rest

of his family was already walking up to the front door of

the old house. His father stopped for a moment and turned


"Jeremy! We're waiting on you!"

Jeremy quickly came running, trying to ignore the fact

that he was wearing diapers, and very wet and dirty ones at

that. The father had stopped for a moment to gather his

thoughts. He felt overwhelmed with emotions, thinking about

how to greet his parents, whom he hadn't seen in over

fifteen years. Finally, he rang the doorbell and wiped some

more tears from his eyes. His wife asked him if he was okay.

Their children had never seen their father show such


"I'm okay, I just never thought about what this would

be like," he replied, trying to restrain his feelings.

The door had swung open and behind it were Jeremy's and

Jody's grandparents. The family was invited into the house

and an exchange of hugs and kisses followed. The father

showed his tears of joy for his return home and of remorse

for leaving his family in the first place. The mother also

showed her emotions and cried as she was officially

"welcomed" into the family by her in-laws.

Jody's and Jeremy's grandparents approached them to

give them each a big hug and a kiss. Jeremy tried to cover

up his diapers from view, but they were much too big to be

concealed. His grandmother assured him that she had seen

plenty of other little boys in diapers, among them, Jeremy's

father. Jeremy was surprised to learn that his dad wore

diapers for bedwetting until he was seven years old. It was

one of those things that Jeremy's father never told Jeremy

nor Jody.

"Like father, like son," the grandmother said. "Why

doesn't he have any pants on?"

"That's all he has to wear," his mom explained, as if

to apologize for having Jeremy in just his diapers. "We had

to sell his pants for the money to make it here. I hope you

don't mind that he's like that."

"Oh, not at all; he looks just fine like that,"

Jeremy's grandma replied. "We don't mind having a little boy

running around in his diapers, do we?" She hugged him again

and patted his squishy rear end. "I'd say you need a change,


"Jody, can you change him now? We're going to be

talking for awhile," her mother asked her.

Jody ran out to the car and brought in several clean

diapers and a clean pair of plastic pants. When she came

back inside she asked her grandma where she could change


"You can go in the spare bedroom; it's your Dad's old

room. You'll all be sleeping in there tonight."

Jody took off her brother's diapers and winced at the

strong odor. She started to clean up the inch-thick layer of

poop all over his bottom but he had pooped a lot that day,

so Jody left the room and returned with some old rags that

she obtained from her grandma. After she got Jeremy cleaned

up she suggested that perhaps he should take a bath. She

sent him into the bathroom naked to get himself cleaned up.

She reminded him not to leave a poopy mess in their

grandparent's bath tub when he got out.

The warm water of the bath felt so good and so soothing

to Jeremy after having been stuck in a car and in diapers

for four days straight. He got himself relaxed, but then

Jody came to the door and told him to hurry it up since

everyone else was waiting to get themselves washed up, too.

When Jeremy exited the bathroom Jody led him back to

the bedroom where she had already prepared his diapers for

him to wear that night. She bunched them together in a very

thick set and then pinned them up around his loins. She

pulled his plastic pants up and sent him out of the room.

Jody took the stinky soiled diapers out with her and asked

if she could throw them in the washing machine.

"Oh, go right ahead, dear," her grandmother said as she

was in the middle of making dinner for the family.

After Jody and the parents took their showers they all

sat down at the table and had the best food they had eaten

in years. After the kids were served some ice cream for

dessert they decided to go to bed since they were so tired.

Jody and Jeremy would have to share a small mat on the floor

while their parents would sleep in the small twin bed that

the father left behind. While such conditions weren't the

best, it was a lot better for the family than sleeping in

the car.

The same sheets and bedspread were still on the bed. In

fact, even the rock band posters and a few other belongings

were right where the father had left them, as if the room

had been frozen in time. Jeremy and Jody fell asleep right

away and their parents came in shortly afterwards and

crammed into the small bed. Until the parents found jobs and

a place to live in Boise they would stay at the

grandparents' place.



As the next day was a Saturday and the grandfather was

off from his work, this gave him time to take the family

around and show them some apartment buildings. At the same

time they got a tour of the city. Jeremy cringed in the back

seat of his grandpa's car as he sat there still with nothing

to wear but his diapers. He was mostly embarrassed when he

had to leave the car and walk around with his family while

they were deciding on a place to live. In just about every

place they went there were kids playing outside, and

invariably, they noticed Jeremy and pointed at him in his

fully-exposed thick diapers. As the day went on, Jeremy peed

and pooped his diapers. Ever since he was diapered back in

Ohio, he was waiting to be taken out of them and returned to

wearing normal clothes, but after having traveled over two

thousand miles, waiting five days and wearing wet and poopy

diapers all along, he was still wearing them even after

having arrived at their destination.

It was late afternoon before they decided on a place to

live, and it would be Monday before they could move in since

the landlord was out of town for the weekend. The apartment

was located near downtown and, while not luxurious by any

stretch of one's imagination, it was in better shape than

the place they had in New York City.

Jeremy and Jody spent the rest of the afternoon back at

their grandparents' place while their parents tried to

locate potential places of employment. Their mother found

work easily enough at a restaurant just a few blocks away.

Their father got on as a laborer at a big construction

project downtown. They weren't the best jobs, but at least

they would have money.

Jeremy and Jody passed the time by looking through

several photo albums, narrated by their grandmother who sat

in between them and explained the pictures. Several photos

confirmed that their father wore diapers as a kid and was

wearing them with no pajama bottoms in any of the pictures,

just the tops. Their grandmother admitted that the pictures

were taken to show to her son's friends as additional

punishment for being a bedwetter.

It was becoming increasingly apparent to Jeremy that

his grandmother had no qualms about keeping the pictures all

these years, and she had no qualms about keeping Jeremy in

his diapers. He hoped she would be more sympathetic and buy

him some new pants and underwear, but she made no such offer

when Jeremy asked his grandmother.

"That's up to your Mom and Dad, Jeremy. We tried

teaching your dad to be self-sufficient and to be

responsible, and hopefully he learned that when he moved

out, but that doesn't mean we're going to help him out now.

We wanted him to come back home, but he's gotta realize the

apron strings have been broken."

"So, this is all I get to wear?" Jeremy said, tugging

at the tight, constricting leg bands on his plastic pants.

"Until your parents can buy you some. Besides, you

don't really need any right now, do you?"

"No, I guess I don't," Jeremy sighed.

Monday finally came and, thanks to a loan from the

grandparents-- a big surprise to Jeremy's dad-- Jeremy and

his family had some furnishings to go along with their

apartment, bought used, but at least in moderately good

condition. Jeremy and Jody went along with their father and

grandfather to a small used furniture store. The four of

them rode together crammed into the front of their

grandfather's pickup truck.

The store's owner was planning to retire and was

selling off the remainder of his inventory before closing.

Jeremy didn't want to go into the store with just his

diapers on, but his dad insisted that he did to help them

haul furniture or he would be stripped of his diapers and

spanked right there. Jeremy started crying but decided to

follow his father's orders instead of get his butt beaten

red. Jeremy then ran off to hide behind a recliner in the


"Stop hiding behind the chair, Jeremy!" his father

yelled. "Now get your butt over here right now before you

break something!"

Jeremy whimpered as he reluctantly emerged from the

corner of the store and revealed his thick diapers to the

man in the store. Sensing Jeremy's humiliation, the man

walked over to him and put his hand on Jeremy's shoulder.

"Son," he began, "I raised two boys just like you, and

if weren't for diapers they'd been swimming in their pee

when they woke up every morning! You ain't alone, kid."

Jeremy felt slightly more comforted knowing that the

man did not ridicule him for wearing diapers. Jeremy

followed his dad and the others in the group around the

store as they looked at the remaining offerings. His dad

picked out some furnishings for the front room and also

found a bed. It was a double bed, in fact, the only bed that

was left in the place.

"Where am I going to sleep?" Jody asked.

"You can take your daddy's old bed from my place," her

grandpa suggested."

"What about me?" Jeremy asked.

"You'll have to share the bed with Jody until we find

something else," his dad answered. "Or you can sleep on the

floor. Come on, let's go."

Jeremy and Jody mutually agreed that they wouldn't

enjoy sharing the same bed and they talked about it while

their grandfather was doling out the money to the salesman.

"I'll just make sure you're extra diapered so you don't

get my bed wet!" Jody said.

"Who said it was your bed?" Jeremy argued back. The

argument ended abruptly when their father intervened.

"We'll look for a bed for you some other time, Jeremy,"

his dad asked. "I want to get moved in as soon as possible!"

Just before they left, the furniture salesman called

them back and offered a possible solution to their bed

shortage. He led the family outside to a storage shed in

back of the store and presented an oversized crib.

"I bought this from someone awhile ago," the man said,

"and, well, I didn't think anyone would ever want a big

crib. I mean, cribs are for babies, you know, it must be

some sort of novelty thing, so I've just kept it back here,

out of the way. Just as you were leaving I thought about

your situation and thought maybe you'd want it."

Jeremy's dad and grandpa looked at each other. His dad

shrugged and then nodded his head."

"How much do you want for it?" the grandfather asked.

"I'll give it to you," the man said. "Been hoping I

could find someone I felt it could go to before I close

shop. Your boy would look just right in there, now wouldn't

he?" The man then chuckled.

"Beats sleeping on the floor, son," the father remarked

to Jeremy.

"Or with me!" Jody added, patting his pooped-filled

behind. "It's not because I'm afraid you'll wet the bed--

not with the diapers *you* wear, especially-- but I just

like to have my space."

They left from the store and drove the furniture to

their apartment. Jeremy complained about needing to be

changed while he helped carry in his crib into the bedroom

that he and Jody would be sharing. When they set it down he

stood there and stared at it, thinking about how he would

have to sleep in it each night. He hoped it would only be

temporary, but when he asked his dad about it, he looked it

over in the corner of the room and seemed to be satisfied

enough with it. His dad then said, "I see no reason why you

need anything else."

Later that evening, amid a pile of boxes waiting to be

unpacked, Jeremy and his family were moved into their

apartment. Jeremy was finally changed out of his dirty

diapers that evening and pinned into several clean diapers

before going to bed. Because his crib sat so high off the

floor, Jody had to help him into the crib and push on his

padded behind as he climbed in. She then pulled the gate up

and latched it shut.

"Wait! Don't put this up!" he said.

"Why not? It's not like you'll ever need to get up for

the bathroom overnight, and in case there's a fire, I'll be

here and I'll let you out."

Jody then grabbed her pajamas and left for the bathroom

to change. Jeremy realized that there was little he could do

but to accept his fate at this point. He lied down and

stared through the slats as he waited for his sister to

return. After she turned out the light he listened as he

heard her climb into the bed that Jeremy wished had been

given to him. Jeremy felt like he was being turned back into

a baby by being kept in his diapers longer than he expected,

and now sleeping in a crib! He hoped to make friends in

Boise, but he would never want to invite anyone over because

they would see what he slept in every night.

Because their parents had to be at their jobs early

that morning Jeremy and Jody had to unpack the rest of the

stuff and put it away. Jeremy complained about still having

nothing but diapers to wear.

"You have to remember that Mom and Dad don't have any

more money until they get paid!" Jody told him. "Understand?

Now just be quiet about it or I won't change you for a


"Can't grandma or grandpa buy me some pants?"

"They don't think you need them, so why should they

spend money they don't have to? You don't need any until

school starts, you know. Besides, you've seen how tight they

are with money!"

For another week, Jeremy and his family lived off of

whatever their stingy grandparents offered them in the way

of food. When the first paychecks arrived, Jeremy hoped that

at long last he would have some pants and underwear. Jeremy

didn't realize that because his parents began work in the

middle of their employers' pay periods they did not receive

full paychecks and had just enough money to buy food for the

next two weeks. Other expenses came due and would also need

to be paid. Jeremy's pants were not considered a priority

since school wouldn't be starting for another couple weeks.

Until then, Jeremy spent every day wearing nothing but

diapers and, as a consequence, he had been wearing them long

enough that he was losing what little control he had of his

fragile bladder to begin with. His bowels were also

weakening as Jeremy had no need to hold in his poop when he

needed to go. Jeremy didn't even realize that he was

becoming incontinent as he had gotten used to releasing his

bodily wastes as they were produced.

Jeremy was forced to go outside with Jody and play with

her. All of the other kids in the apartment complex played

in the common yard, taking in as much fun as they could with

the remainder of the summer as the first day of school

loomed. Everybody laughed at Jeremy first and teased him for

wearing his very thick diapers and stinking whenever he had

a load of poop in them, which was often. The worst thing

that Jeremy realized was that he would be going to school

with these kids soon and they would be teasing him all over

again, just like back in New York City.

The day finally came when Jeremy's mother got her first

full paycheck and bought some pants and underwear for

Jeremy. It had been nearly a month since Jeremy wore what he

considered to be "normal" clothes. He slipped on the briefs

and he still felt naked by their lack of padding. He wasn't

used to being able to put his legs together and walk around

without such a huge bunch of cloth wedged up into his

crotch. He even got a brand new pair of pants, not some

recycled pair that someone else had farted in, as Jeremy

often thought of used pants. He tried the pants on and

proudly walked around in them. For once Jeremy did not have

to listen to his plastic pants crinkle with each step he

took. He even went outside and showed off his pants, hoping

the kids would see him wearing something besides diapers.

All they did was ask him where his diapers were. Jeremy

wanted to feel good about himself, but everyone expected to

see him in diapers and made fun of him for not having them


"Better not have an accident!" one kid said.

Ironically enough, Jeremy did have an accident. He

barely felt his bladder warming up to the urge to urinate

when the stream began to leak into his pants. Right in front

of the other kids his new pants turned dark around the front

and the crotch. The kids told him to get his diapers back

on. Jeremy ran into the apartment crying. Jody looked at him

and asked him why he wet his pants.

"I couldn't hold it!" he bawled.

"How long were you out there?"

"Just a few minutes!"

"Well, take your pants off. I'll have to take them down

to the laundromat, or I can try to wash them now."

Jody decided she could give his pants a quick rinsing

in the hot water of the bathtub and then hang them out the

window to dry. In the meantime, Jeremy had nothing to wear

but his underwear. When he needed to pee again he went into

the bathroom and narrowly escaped pissing in his virgin

white briefs straight out of the package. Jeremy began

crying when he realized his bladder weakened. He was afraid

to tell Jody about it and he tried to maintain his


His mom, who was now working the early shift at the

restaurant, came home that afternoon and asked why Jeremy's

pants were hanging from the window.

"Jeremy wet them again," Jody answered. "I think he

needs to go back into diapers."

"What happened, Jeremy?" his mother confronted him as

he sat on the couch in his underwear.

"I dunno, mom! It just happened!"

"You were right here, Jeremy!" his Mom said. "You could

have made it to the bathroom!"

"I was outside!"

"How far is it, just a few steps?"

"It was an accident! I had to pee and then it just came


Jeremy immediately got up and fled for the bathroom.

When he came out again his Mom saw that a large wet spot

appeared on the fly of his briefs.

"Did you just do this?" his mom asked, pulling on his

waistband and snapping it back over his stomach.

"Y-y-yes," he sobbed.

"I'm afraid you'll have to go back to wearing diapers

if you can't even hold it that long, Jeremy."

Jeremy cried and felt even more helpless and hopeless

than ever. His Mom went into the bedroom and brought out a

big stack of diapers and pins and laid them out on the

floor. Jeremy knew he had no choice but to allow his mother

to diaper him. She wrapped layer after layer of cloth over

his loins and fastened the pins at each side. She went back

to the bedroom for his plastic pants and pulled the enormous

crinkling garment over his bulging diapers. Once again

Jeremy felt what he had gotten used to-- big, heavy, thick

diapers that forced his legs apart and padded him up all

around his body over his stomach and half of his back. He

realized that from this day forward he would remain in

diapers indefinitely.

Jeremy's Mom took his pants into a used jeans outlet

and, because of their nearly new condition, she got an even

trade for a larger, but older pair of pants that Jeremy

would have to wear over his diapers. His mother had to rely

on guessing Jeremy's waist size with diapers. Jeremy was

disappointed to see that his Mom did not replace his new

jeans with another new pair, but a pair that looked like it

came from the thrift store, which it may as well have. She

had him try them on. Even as big as his diapers were, she

overestimated the waist size and they slid down and exposed

the top three to four inches of his high-rising diapers.

Because the pants were fitted for someone whose waist was

naturally much larger, the leg length was also much too long

for Jeremy, which his mother would correct.

"Everybody's wearing their pants that way these days,"

Jody said, though it provided no comfort to Jeremy as he

anticipated going to school like this.

"Everyone lets the top of their boxers show," Jody

continued. "Of course, you have diapers on, but it's the

same thing, sort of, I guess, I suppose. Or you could wear

your diapers thicker so your pants will fit."

Jeremy didn't care at this point. he knew his fate was

sealed and nothing could be changed about it. He nervously

walked to school that morning and was treated the way he

expected. Many of the kids from the apartment recognized

him. Some of the kids from the apartment were also fifth

graders and two of them, both of them girls, were in his

class. They teased Jeremy about his diapers and told the

rest of the class that Jeremy always had diapers on when he

played outside, except for one time when he didn't and ended

up wetting his pants.

By the end of the day Jeremy had all the humiliation he

could stand. His diapers were wet and smelly from peeing and

pooping in them early that day. He endured more taunts than

he could tolerate. He just wanted to go home and stay there.

He dreaded having to go back the next day but was forced to

do so.

After three days the school administrators decided that

Jeremy was not fit for placement with other classmates. He

was then transferred to a special class with other kids who

also wore diapers. They were given a separate lunch period

and recesses and were isolated from the main student body as

much as possible. The classroom was partitioned into

different sections for each grade. In lieu of restrooms, a

series of private stalls were provided for students to

change their diapers and the school nurse could assist the

younger ones if needed. Jeremy was diapered heavily enough

that he did not need to bring diapers with him to be


Most of the other students in the class were boys and

they represented all grade levels. Jeremy noted that he had

on much thicker diapers than the rest of the students, some

of whom volunteered to show Jeremy that they were wearing

disposables. At least Jeremy felt like he wasn't alone by

being the only fifth grader still in diapers, but he was

diapered much more conspicuously than the others. Jeremy

asked his Mom to buy him disposables, but she didn't want to

be buying them all the time with as little as she and

Jeremy's father were earning. He would need another pair of

pants to go along with them, his mother explained.

Jeremy did get one wish for which he had been hoping

when he got to Boise, making friends. He got to know several

of the boys in his class and he didn't feel ashamed to

invite them over and let them see the crib he slept in. One

of his friends mentioned that he was forced to sleep in one

and also had to sit in a high chair at the dinner table and

sit in a large playpen and play with toddler toys. Jeremy

made a visit to his house and saw that his room was

decorated just like a nursery with teddy bear wallpaper and

the whole works. Jeremy realized that things could have been

worse for him.

Jeremy and his family soon adjusted to the relatively

calm and quiet living in Boise and, after a few years of

hard work, each of his parents moved up into better paying

jobs and were able to afford a house. Oddly enough, the

house included a room that had once been a nursery. No

surprise to Jeremy, his bedroom was what became of the

nursery. The decor was never changed and his crib was never

replaced by a bed. By this time Jeremy learned to accept

having to wear diapers for the rest of his life and, as his

sexuality developed, so did his fetish for diapers. He

discovered masturbation, and being in diapers all the time,

he could never touch his bare penis like other boys did and

could only massage himself through the layers of cloth.

Jeremy started to feel pretty good about the way he was

growing up. The special classes he attended in school

sheltered him from all the evils that corrupted so many kids

his age, even in a place like Boise, Idaho, which was by no

means immune to drugs, teen pregnancy and violence, though

much less rampant than in larger cities. Jeremy did not want

to grow up and eventually he allowed his family to treat him

like he was their little boy. Being the youngest, he was,

just that he was now living up to every letter in his family

rank. He started playing with little boy toys again, mainly

since he was deprived of such pleasures growing up in

poverty in New York and only had a few basic toys then. He

allowed Jody's friends to change his diapers as he enjoyed

the attention he got from the buxom girls. In turn, they

liked treating a boy in such a way to make them feel mature

and superior to their male counterparts.

As Jeremy was tucked into his crib that night, he stuck

his pacifier in his mouth and thought about what would have

become of him had he and his family not moved to Boise. When

he thought about possibly getting beaten up or killed or

forced to take drugs, becoming a teenage baby boy was by far

the best thing that ever happened to him.

*** THE END ***